Get rid of chronic disease with Medical cannabis

Chronic diseases can cause various side effects when they run the full course of their disease. This is because of the fact that they cannot be treated easily. There are some diseases where the affected person will even be suicidal because of the many complications and side effects. Many of these chronic diseases which seem to be untreatable and do not respond to the usual medications are responsive to medical marijuana. Both Jonathan Landsman and Dr. Sulak have made their point clear in the programme Natural News Talk Hour, where they say that in spite of the beneficial effects of the medical marijuana, many doctors who treat patients with chronic deadly diseases do not want to try them out.

Dr. Sanjay Gupta, who is the CNN’s chief correspondent for medical news has now accepted that marijuana is one of the potent drugs that is effective in the treatment of several chronic diseases. Though there has been a systematic misleading happening for many decades in the United States and elsewhere in the world, it has been proved beyond any doubt that the use of medical marijuana is one of the best methods of combating deadly and chronic diseases.

Some of the top uses of medical cannabis against chronic diseases are as follows:

Stop HIV and relieves pain: HIV is a deadly disease where there seems to be no treatment available. The medicine that will help in slowing down the disease is medical cannabis. Though there are several ways in which each of the symptoms can be treated, none of the medications can help in controlling the disease as such or in preventing the spread of the disease. Medical cannabis will help in slowing the disease and will also help in getting rid of the pain that is caused by the disease.

Progression of Alzheimer’s is slowed: Alzheimer’s is a chronic diseamedical big budse where the neurons in the brain do not function well and the affected person will suffer from dementia and other symptoms. It is important that medical cannabis is started as treatment from an early stage of the disease. Early treatment with this medication will help in treating the chronic disease in a much better manner.

Kills cancer cells and prevents spread of the disease: The other benefit of medical cannabis is that it will help in getting rid of cancer cells from the body. The compounds that are present in medical marijuana will help in killing the cancer cells in most people. In those whose body has resilient cancer cells, the use of medical marijuana will help in reducing the size of these cells.