Master Crossword Puzzles like a National Champion with these Tips

Solving puzzles has become an intricate part of our lives. For a lot of people, solving crossword puzzles while drinking their morning tea, or while riding their everyday train to work is like an everyday schedule. And why not, solving puzzles is a great way to use your free time, which also has a good effect on your health. Watching crossword puzzle tournaments and the masters solving puzzles in the shortest time, gives us all a true boost to solve our daily puzzles faster and just like the professionals. However, solving the tricky puzzles is not an easy task. You need to know the right tricks and follow the tips carefully. So, here are some of the best tips to solve crossword puzzles to help you master crossword puzzles like all National Crossword Puzzle Champions.

1. Solve Easier Puzzles First

The first step to solving puzzles is to start with easy puzzles and build-up your confidence. Once you learn to solve the easy puzzle, your confidence and vocabulary increases with each passing day. Most puzzles get difficult with each progressing day of the week. The easiest puzzles come on Monday and then get difficult on Saturday.

2. Start with a Little of Everything

With every puzzle, learn small tips and tricks to solve the puzzles yourself. Earlier, dictionary definitions proved to be extremely helpful in solving crosswords. However, with the modern puzzles that also include sports, culture, geography, history and current events, you need to keep yourself updated with the news. So, keep reading and learning.

3. Make Google your Best Friend

If you are unfamiliar to a crossword puzzle, there is no shame in checking it out in Google. Experiences such as these help you learn from your mistakes and make you better in solving the crossword puzzles.

4. Start with the Fill-in-the-Blanks

All Crossword puzzles have fill-in-the-blanks with additional clues given with them. They are simplest of all and great confidence boosters. So, if you are a beginner, make sure that you read the clues and solve the fill-in-the-blanks first.
For instance, fill-in-the-blank puzzles are like : “Eeny Meeny ——- Moe.”

5. Commit Repeating Words into your memory

When you solve crosswords every day, you will notice that the same words are often repeated. These small words are something you can commit in your memory.
Also, when solving the small words in your puzzle, common letters and consonants are used widely, such as ‘Oreo’, ‘Era’ and ‘Idea’.

Newest Clues + Solution

6. Never lose your Patience

And finally, the most important tip of all! Never lose your patience and cool while solving your daily crossword puzzles. Crosswords can be really challenging and also at times frustrating, especially when you are not able to solve the puzzles. And once you start losing your cool, even the simplest puzzles turn into difficult ones. So, breathe in and breathe out a couple of times, especially when you cannot find the right solution for your crossword puzzles. Compete against your own-self and overcome your own hurdles while solving the puzzles.