Different Cannabis Strains Used In Treating Health Issues

There are many strains of cannabis that can be used in the treatment of various health problems. The main compounds that are present in cannabis that can be beneficial to the health are CBD and THC. These compounds have different kinds of effect on the human body. THC helps to make a patient feel that they are on a high. This means that it affects the brain of the person in a positive manner and helps in various psychiatric problems. The CBD is the other compound which is actually cannabidiol. It helps in the treatment of various chronic diseases. There are some diseases where both THC and CBD are needed to get rid of the disease.

Indica and Sativa strains of cannabis

og kush indicaThe strains are named as sativa strain and the indica strain. The sativa strain is the one where there are higher levels of THC in it. So, it is useful in providing a high to patients, which require such a feeling. The indica strain of cannabis, on the other hand, has high levels of both the compounds CBD and THC. So, it is usually useful in the treatment of diseases where both the compounds are required for the beneficial effects.

Hybrid strains of cannabis

There are several hybrid varieties of cannabis. The advantage of the hybrid varieties is that they are artificially created from a blend of both indica and sativa strains of marijuana plants. This means they are tailor made according to a pre planned protocol. These hybrid plants are created after a lot of research. They have specific levels of CBD and THC. These levels are decided based on their beneficial effects on certain diseases. For example, a hybrid cannabis plant can be produced with a particular high level of CBD, without any THC. It can also be produced with a lower level of THC and a similar lower level of CBD, to suit the needs of some specific patients.

Some of the diseases where popular strains are used are listed here:

  1.  Attention deficit: Blue Dragon and Blue Dream are used.
  2.  AIDS: Blueberry and purple haze are the best strains to address this disease.
  3.  Alzheimer’s disease: Acapulco Gold as well as Optimus Prime are beneficial in the treatment of this disease.
  4.  Arthritis: Several strains like OG Kush, Blue Dragon as well as Jack the Ripper and White Diesel are beneficial in the treatment of all kinds of arthritis.

There are also several other hybrid and normal strains that are useful in treating various diseases.