Master Crossword Puzzles like a National Champion with these Tips

Solving puzzles has become an intricate part of our lives. For a lot of people, solving crossword puzzles while drinking their morning tea, or while riding their everyday train to work is like an everyday schedule. And why not, solving puzzles is a great way to use your free time, which also has a good effect on your health. Watching crossword puzzle tournaments and the masters solving puzzles in the shortest time, gives us all a true boost to solve our daily puzzles faster and just like the professionals. However, solving the tricky puzzles is not an easy task. You need to know the right tricks and follow the tips carefully. So, here are some of the best tips to solve crossword puzzles to help you master crossword puzzles like all National Crossword Puzzle Champions.

1. Solve Easier Puzzles First

The first step to solving puzzles is to start with easy puzzles and build-up your confidence. Once you learn to solve the easy puzzle, your confidence and vocabulary increases with each passing day. Most puzzles get difficult with each progressing day of the week. The easiest puzzles come on Monday and then get difficult on Saturday.

2. Start with a Little of Everything

With every puzzle, learn small tips and tricks to solve the puzzles yourself. Earlier, dictionary definitions proved to be extremely helpful in solving crosswords. However, with the modern puzzles that also include sports, culture, geography, history and current events, you need to keep yourself updated with the news. So, keep reading and learning.

3. Make Google your Best Friend

If you are unfamiliar to a crossword puzzle, there is no shame in checking it out in Google. Experiences such as these help you learn from your mistakes and make you better in solving the crossword puzzles.

4. Start with the Fill-in-the-Blanks

All Crossword puzzles have fill-in-the-blanks with additional clues given with them. They are simplest of all and great confidence boosters. So, if you are a beginner, make sure that you read the clues and solve the fill-in-the-blanks first.
For instance, fill-in-the-blank puzzles are like : “Eeny Meeny ——- Moe.”

5. Commit Repeating Words into your memory

When you solve crosswords every day, you will notice that the same words are often repeated. These small words are something you can commit in your memory.
Also, when solving the small words in your puzzle, common letters and consonants are used widely, such as ‘Oreo’, ‘Era’ and ‘Idea’.

Newest Clues + Solution

6. Never lose your Patience

And finally, the most important tip of all! Never lose your patience and cool while solving your daily crossword puzzles. Crosswords can be really challenging and also at times frustrating, especially when you are not able to solve the puzzles. And once you start losing your cool, even the simplest puzzles turn into difficult ones. So, breathe in and breathe out a couple of times, especially when you cannot find the right solution for your crossword puzzles. Compete against your own-self and overcome your own hurdles while solving the puzzles.


Different Cannabis Strains Used In Treating Health Issues

There are many strains of cannabis that can be used in the treatment of various health problems. The main compounds that are present in cannabis that can be beneficial to the health are CBD and THC. These compounds have different kinds of effect on the human body. THC helps to make a patient feel that they are on a high. This means that it affects the brain of the person in a positive manner and helps in various psychiatric problems. The CBD is the other compound which is actually cannabidiol. It helps in the treatment of various chronic diseases. There are some diseases where both THC and CBD are needed to get rid of the disease.

Indica and Sativa strains of cannabis

og kush indicaThe strains are named as sativa strain and the indica strain. The sativa strain is the one where there are higher levels of THC in it. So, it is useful in providing a high to patients, which require such a feeling. The indica strain of cannabis, on the other hand, has high levels of both the compounds CBD and THC. So, it is usually useful in the treatment of diseases where both the compounds are required for the beneficial effects.

Hybrid strains of cannabis

There are several hybrid varieties of cannabis. The advantage of the hybrid varieties is that they are artificially created from a blend of both indica and sativa strains of marijuana plants. This means they are tailor made according to a pre planned protocol. These hybrid plants are created after a lot of research. They have specific levels of CBD and THC. These levels are decided based on their beneficial effects on certain diseases. For example, a hybrid cannabis plant can be produced with a particular high level of CBD, without any THC. It can also be produced with a lower level of THC and a similar lower level of CBD, to suit the needs of some specific patients.

Some of the diseases where popular strains are used are listed here:

  1.  Attention deficit: Blue Dragon and Blue Dream are used.
  2.  AIDS: Blueberry and purple haze are the best strains to address this disease.
  3.  Alzheimer’s disease: Acapulco Gold as well as Optimus Prime are beneficial in the treatment of this disease.
  4.  Arthritis: Several strains like OG Kush, Blue Dragon as well as Jack the Ripper and White Diesel are beneficial in the treatment of all kinds of arthritis.

There are also several other hybrid and normal strains that are useful in treating various diseases.



Learn How You Can Overcome Chronic Muscle Spasms With Medical Cannabis

Muscle spasm is a condition that can be caused due to two different mechanisms. One mechanism is a protective one that is caused by injury to muscles or bones. When there is an injury, it causes severe pain in the joints or limbs. Any increase in the movement of the body part may lead to damage of the ligaments or tendons that are present in the area. It could also cause exacerbation of the existing injury. To prevent such movements that are not desirable, the muscle automatically goes into spasm. So, muscle spasm is actually a protective reflex and the brain is programmed to make the muscles spastic.

Though muscle spasm may actually help in protection of the body part that is injured, the spasm may sometimes become severe and it can cause the setting in of other problems. It is important to get rid of the muscle spasm once the acute phase of the injury is over. Spasm can be relieved easily with the help of medical cannabis. This is a medicine that will help in relaxation of the muscle. When the muscle relaxes, the spasm is relieved and normal movement can be performed.

Other causes of spasm relived by medical cannabis:

Spasm need not be caused only by injury to the limbs. Certain kinds of spasms are chronic in nature and are caused by neurological deficits. Cerebral palsy is one of the main examples of this kind of spasms. Some kids who suffer from this disease will have what is called as a scissoring gait. They will walk with each leg placed medially in the path of the other leg. They will not have any stability because of this. Over a period of time, the spasm can also lead to muscle contracture. So, the use of medical cannabis in this condition will reduce spasticity by altering brain functions. The medical cannabis will help to reduce the severity of spasm through relaxation. Near normal gait will then be possible.

diesel feminizeHow can medical cannabis be consumed?

Medical cannabis is available in various forms and for muscle spasticity treatment; this medication can be used as a spray. If there is local spasm in a muscle or joint, medical cannabis spray will help to relieve this spasm. If the spasm is caused because of some kind of neurological deficit, it can be relieved by chewing the medical cannabis. It can also be included in the diet and can be mixed with the food or beverage. The effect will set in within a few minutes and will last for at least 6 hours. This will help in getting rid of the spasm and spasticity over a period of time.

Get rid of chronic disease with Medical cannabis

Chronic diseases can cause various side effects when they run the full course of their disease. This is because of the fact that they cannot be treated easily. There are some diseases where the affected person will even be suicidal because of the many complications and side effects. Many of these chronic diseases which seem to be untreatable and do not respond to the usual medications are responsive to medical marijuana. Both Jonathan Landsman and Dr. Sulak have made their point clear in the programme Natural News Talk Hour, where they say that in spite of the beneficial effects of the medical marijuana, many doctors who treat patients with chronic deadly diseases do not want to try them out.

Dr. Sanjay Gupta, who is the CNN’s chief correspondent for medical news has now accepted that marijuana is one of the potent drugs that is effective in the treatment of several chronic diseases. Though there has been a systematic misleading happening for many decades in the United States and elsewhere in the world, it has been proved beyond any doubt that the use of medical marijuana is one of the best methods of combating deadly and chronic diseases.

Some of the top uses of medical cannabis against chronic diseases are as follows:

Stop HIV and relieves pain: HIV is a deadly disease where there seems to be no treatment available. The medicine that will help in slowing down the disease is medical cannabis. Though there are several ways in which each of the symptoms can be treated, none of the medications can help in controlling the disease as such or in preventing the spread of the disease. Medical cannabis will help in slowing the disease and will also help in getting rid of the pain that is caused by the disease.

Progression of Alzheimer’s is slowed: Alzheimer’s is a chronic diseamedical big budse where the neurons in the brain do not function well and the affected person will suffer from dementia and other symptoms. It is important that medical cannabis is started as treatment from an early stage of the disease. Early treatment with this medication will help in treating the chronic disease in a much better manner.

Kills cancer cells and prevents spread of the disease: The other benefit of medical cannabis is that it will help in getting rid of cancer cells from the body. The compounds that are present in medical marijuana will help in killing the cancer cells in most people. In those whose body has resilient cancer cells, the use of medical marijuana will help in reducing the size of these cells.